There is a theory, generic tadalafil to which our ancestors could independently produce vitamins. However, due to a mutation, this ability was irretrievably lost. Production of vitamins transferred completely to the plants. Although in the XXI century can hardly pronounce the word "completely" when talking about the process.

Katherine Price, author of "Vitamaniya" book talks about how to actually get the vitamins in the plants. Modern pictures in glossy magazines about healthy eating often create a false impression that we get vitamins only walnuts and blueberries. It is worth noting that the first vitamin supplements, attacking market in 1920-1930-ies were really concentrates and extracts from natural sources. Here comes in the industry, because vitamins contained in food supplements or fortified foods, obtained by artificial means. Many of these substances (raw materials for vitamins) are born in the reaction where the catalysts act as high temperature, atmosphere or higher pressure - factors, so that under the influence of changing the chemical structure of two or more substances that are transformed into vitamins.

There is nothing to even think about how to meet the world's need for vitamin C exclusively by oranges or lemons. As born Vitamin C This is how the industrial production of vitamin C journalist Melanie Warner, author of Pandora's Lunchbox US food industry ( "Cialis Online"): "For a start it is a matter grain or even extracted from corn starch, but sorbitol, hexatomic alcohol with a sweet taste, which is available in fruits, on an industrial scale is created by grinding and buy cialis of new molecules contained in the grain during hydrogenation and enzymatic reactions. For sorbitol fermentation process is started, which is kind of clears the air (although it can also cause water pollution). Fermentation takes place thanks to the work of bacteria, which continue to transform the molecules of sorbitol in sorbose. The next stage of cialis 5mg requires the participation of genetically modified bacteria: they convert sorbose in a substance called "2-ketoglyukonovaya acid". And then cialis cost ketoglyukonovaya acid treated with hydrochloric acid becomes roughly purified ascorbic acid. It is filtered, cleaned of chemical contaminants, pulverized into a white powder - and this completes the process of ascorbic acid synthesis, ready to become a free cialis of food and to be added in your cornflakes. " Warner draws attention to the cialis and alcohol that no matter how complicated and confusing nor seemed to us the process of synthesis of cialis cost, "at its core still are natural products", which in most cases can not be said about other vitamins. Chemistry: good or bad? Perhaps all this sounds crazy to you, but remember that the main supplier of raw material for vitamin D are sheep ... everywhere! Or, more precisely, a substance called "generic cialis" - fat, which emit their skin glands. It is important to note that there is nothing terrible or threatening health in the synthetic "sheep" generic tadalafil, as in any other country or knowingly "inedible" materials for other vitamins. After eventually synthetic vitamin is chemically an exact copy of the forms found in nature, and therefore our body can use it without any problems. The main reason that nutritsiologi so hard promoting vitamins, naturally derived from food, in preference to synthesized vitamins, lies not in the fact that synthetic vitamins are bad, but the fact that in addition to cialis, natural products contain countless other components capable of strengthen our health.